An HR Licence - What's In It for You?

If you're interested in a career in truck driving, you are on track for a highly-rewarding vocation. A surefire way of gaining that extra edge over the competition and increasing your employment opportunities is with an HR Licence. 

This licence is needed to drive any Heavy Rigid (HR) vehicle that weighs more than eight tonnes and has three axles on the wheels. 

The advantages for HR licences holders are many, but the most appealing are the higher salaries and job security. Check these reasons why you need your HR Licence right away.

To Gain Specialised Knowledge

Although not all drivers can drive HR vehicles, they are required everywhere. Having an HR licence means you are uniquely qualified to do tasks, that others can not, from construction to waste management, transport and warehousing/distribution.

To Receive a Higher Salary

Now, it is normal to have a modest income when you begin your work. The pay for HR truck drivers, however, can be raised indefinitely. In Australia, the starting point is the average annual wage of around $92,000. But, you can make considerably more each year as you gain expertise.

A fantastic additional choice is to start driving a vehicle that you own. This provides an extra benefit that most occupations lack. You can earn more than six figures by working as an owner-operator and increasing your pay.

To Experience Security

A career in HR truck driving offers stable job growth and employment choices. You will not go hungry after you have your HR licence.

There is currently a shortage of truck drivers, with thousands of positions available in the industry. Australia now has over 22,000 driving jobs listed online.

To Qualify Quickly

You might earn your HR licence in as little as one day, depending on your ability level. The typical time is about nine or ten hours but some people complete the training earlier while others require additional time. 

If you are a complete beginner you may need some additional hours of instruction before you obtain your qualification.

In this case, testing for an Automatic/Synchromesh licence is the fastest way to eventually obtain your HR licence. These vehicles require no "double-declutching" and are significantly simpler to operate. 

These are just a few reasons why obtaining an HR licence and working as an HR truck driver are excellent career choices. Where else can you qualify so easily, earn a high salary, and experience consistent employment growth? For more information on HR licenses, contact a professional near you.