HR (Heavy Rigid) Driving Courses: Know Before You Enrol

Do you wish to be a truck driver? Perhaps you'd like to drive passenger buses or operate semi-trailers, agricultural vehicles or mobile cranes among other special-purpose vehicles. Like all vehicles, you will need a licence. However, heavy vehicles vary depending on their gross vehicle mass or aggregate trailer mass. For this reason, heavy vehicle licences come in different classes. HR or heavy rigid licences are among the standard classes. This licence will enable you to drive or operate some of the heaviest heavy vehicles. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking an HR driving course, here's what you should know first.

You Will Need To Check Eligibility Requirements

Every driving course has its eligibility requirements. Therefore, it would be best to know whether you are eligible for an HR driving course before you enrol. First, you must know how to drive a standard vehicle, so you will need a car licence, usually referred to as a C licence. However, a C licence alone isn't enough. You must have the licence with experience for a given period. Most driving schools or training institutions will be able to tell you the exact duration.

In addition to the C licence, you must also have an LR (Light Rigid) or MR (Medium Rigid) class licence before you are eligible for an HR licence. Like the C licence, you will also need to have held the LR or MR class licence for a minimum period of time. 

What To Expect In Training And Assessments

The next step after confirming your eligibility is the course or training itself. Usually, the course will entail a knowledge test and a practical assessment. Generally, you will need to complete your HR training or driving course from a registered training organisation. Several registered organisations exist. However, you should be keen to enrol in institutions approved by the relevant authorities, usually the bodies concerned with motor vehicle registries. You can also take a theory test at motor vehicle registry offices depending on where you are in the country.

Once you complete and pass the knowledge test, you will need to pass a practical assessment. As the name implies, this is a practical competency assessment or test done in the presence of an authorised heavy vehicle examiner.

There Could Be Exemptions From The HR Licence Requirements

You may be able to apply for an exemption from the minimum HR licence requirements in some cases. For instance, you can apply for an exemption if you are an immediate family member of a primary producer who needs the licence to operate agricultural vehicles for transport purposes on the farm among other uses. You may also apply for an exemption if you are a farm worker that needs to transport farm produce to storage venues like silos or to the markets. In either case, you will need to submit formal exemption applications. 

For more information about HR driving courses, contact a local company.