Critical Facts About a Multi-Combination Truck Licence

If you have been driving heavy vehicles for a long time and enjoy the experience, you should not stagnate in your career. There are numerous opportunities out there, and all you need to do is upgrade your current licence. Upgrading to a multi-combination licence lets you operate heavy vehicles with two or more trailers. However, most applicants know little about a multi-combination licence besides the type of vehicle it allows them to drive. This article highlights a few critical facts about obtaining an MC licence.

You Can Obtain the Licence with a Statement of Attainment

One of the major prerequisites of an MC licence is a Certificate of Competency (CoC). A CoC indicates that you have passed all the tests and are eligible for an MC licence. However, most Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) do not issue trainees with a CoC immediately after completing tests; hence, drivers must wait a couple of days. However, it can be very frustrating if you need an MC licence to apply for an urgent job vacancy. Luckily, you can obtain an MC licence with a statement of attainment. Although different from a CoC, a statement of attainment communicates the same message. It allows the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre to issue you an MC licence as long as you have supplied other essential documents.

HC Minimum Qualification

You can only upgrade to an MC licence if you meet the requirements set forth by the department of transport. One such condition is that all applicants must have a heavy combination vehicle licence to be eligible for an MC licence. However, it is common for some applicants to confuse heavy rigid with a heavy combination licence. If you already hold a heavy rigid licence, you still have to pass a heavy combination test before training for an MC licence. Understanding the condition is critical since it helps make an informed decision, especially when applying for driving jobs.

Overseas Licences are Valid

Australia is an immigrant-friendly country with massive job opportunities for heavy vehicle drivers. After all, the Transport and Logistics industry is the country's unsung hero as far as the economy is concerned. However, most immigrant drivers think they might have to take fresh training for their current lower-grade licence before applying for MC training and licence. This is not true because overseas heavy vehicle licences are valid in Australia. However, you must present proof of identity, your overseas driving licence and a confirmation letter. Once the documents have been verified, you can directly apply for MC training and licence.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for an MC licence service near you.